Thursday, June 21, 2007

Roar v South Africa's SuperSport Lang Park July 1

On Tuesday I went out to Richlands to get my first sight of the Roar for the 2007-2008 season. The Mt Gravatt goalkeeper (see photo) is McMaster - the Roar's regular 3rd choice who was very disappointed to be chosen behind Ham. However, now Ham is out for the season with injury it is McMaster vs version 1 no 2 keeper Higgins for the 2nd spot behind Reddy. The guy with the hair is regular Roar squad member and new signing Robby Kruse. Reinaldo came off injured in 20 minutes (before I arrived) but is said to be OK for 1 July. New signing Mitch Nichols played a full game. As did Marcus Wedau, who got no game time under Frank last year, who dominated the middle of the park - passing wide to the left and right.

While Frank did tell us late last year that too improve he may need to change the team, so we have had the well telegraphed departures of Dario Vidosic, Spase Dilevski, Zhang, Chad Gibson, Remo Buess, and alas Tom Willis.

Fans of Adelaide, which seems to have had a wholesale change after building its success on stability and experience, and Newcastle that has lost its three top fan draw cards Rodriguez, Okon and Nicky Carle, will feel more pain.

Obviously, Dario is a big loss for the Roar and its fans. And Spase did not, or did not get the chance, to live up to his promise. But the stability in the rest of the squad should pay off. And some of the new signings offer real potential. Tahj Minnicon wasn't there on Tuesday and I am keen to see him. Neither was Danny Tiatto.

The first chance to see the full squad against quality opposition will be 3pm on 1 July at Lang Park against SuperSport. The event has been under played in terms of promotion. However, seats look cheap and the 6th placed South African team should provide another test for the A-League.


Hamish said...

Can't wait for the 1st July. Jacob and I will be there. It was gratifying last night at (kids) training to hear a hum about the game among parents and kids, some of which were not regulars during the season proper.

I'm predicting a reasonable crowd, but possibly despite a lacklustre publicity. Word of mouth enthusiasm will be the biggest factor in getting bodies to the game.

wayne said...

I think it s great clubs are lining up OS opposition like the roar and victory are doing - hey, don't wait for the acl, right? good to see ya camera in action as always John.

The Round Ball Analyst said...

Thanks for the update John, I read somewhere that Reinaldo should be right for the July 1 clash, and it's interesting to read that Wedau is still around and possibly in the mix....will watch his work with interest.