Thursday, April 28, 2011

AFL claims victory - 5 year deal up from $780m to $1billion

There will be less money for the A-League. Fox Sports has upper the ante for the AFL and will show every game, every week (except the Final), live.

AFL has cemented its place with Gridiron, as the most profitable sport in the world. Built on a solid monopoly that ensures clubs and players, ultimately, do as they are told.

At the other end of spectrum, soccer is again under government review. The apparent driver is lack of a sustainable financial position. Ignored by Australians who would rather cheer for Mancester than Sydney, locked-in by anti-fan international rules (no live replays of controversy at grounds, no replays for refs), forced into stadiums way too big for demand, soccer is again in trouble.

And yet the skills of the average player and of junior players, the quality of coaches is the highest it has ever been.

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