Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Singapore 0 v Australia 0

Let's hope the Socceroos were not trying to win. Let's hope it was a training game where running and passing were being tested. Highlights were the tropical downpour before the game that killed it off. Adam and Ryan Griffiths got a run but Joel is being punished for saying Qatar are easy beats.

A-League 2 beat K-league 0 but a lesson in dollars from Thailand

Adelaide and Melbourne both looked way better than their K-League counter parts. Both the Korean teams looked overly reliant on their Brazilians who were shut down by the Australians. Thailand was another and more challenging story for the A-League. Rich owners who care only about winning can make small teams from minnow sporting countries powerhouses. A-League teams with their salary caps and owners without bottomless pits of money aren't going to be able to buy Brazilians that have already proved their worth. In fact, as Reinaldo from the Roar has shown we are likely to be the proving ground on their journey to Asia.

No expansion from FAA

This is a mistake. I think it may have been done to save the Roar. All journeyman A-League players will be disappointed because their careers aren't going to be extended and their salaries not doubled. But at least the clubs can afford to keep their players. Actually I think Central Coast and Newcastle may have been harder hit than the Roar - but we will never know. One bye per week would have been OK and is not the reason for Gold Coast being shut out. I hope the fans stay interested next year.

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