Thursday, April 05, 2007

Victory Release Fred, Jets Release Milton Rodriguez

I hadn't seen this reported. But the A-League site has a list of comings and goings to-date, and has Fred as released to DC United in the USA. In my view, Fred was the version 2 player of the year. His play making ability, and some of his dives, got Melbourne to the top of the league. He was particularly important early on in the season. To not be a marquee player and for Melbourne to have such a good squad under the cap, he was clearly under-paid. Perhaps the best deal ever done in the A-League. So I guess it makes sense that someone would pay up for him. Interesting though, even on grand final night he was telling the fans he loved them and wanted to stay. That's the way it goes I guess. Evens up version 3.

Also, Jets top performer Milton Rodriguez has returned to Colombia. Got to be a blow for the Jets. Milton such an impact in his first run as a sub against Sydney when he scored twice to pull a critical draw. Ummm, Newcastle will struggle to replace him.

Not surprisingly given Ron Smith's background, Perth have picked up a swag of Australians from non-A-League teams. The Roar tried this in version 1 and it didn't work. And, in a major move, Nikolai Topor-Stanley from Sydney. Surprise that one (after the Asian Cup). Sydney have picked up Noel Spencer (Central Coast Mariners) and Luka Glavas (Perth Glory) - among others.

Roar have lost 4 and gained 4. So who else is Frank to release? He is again sending signals more players are to come. Not sure that a plus has been achieved yet. Depends how good Tiatto is (Alpha magazine is making fun of him - not that that means much). Come-on Roar. Find a Fred. PS unfortunately, I don't think he is playing in the Brisbane Premier League.


Dave said...

I don't know if Frank might be foxing a bit on this one. The latest rumour (reported on the FourFourTwo site) is that the Roar are making a play for Jade North.

Also, there was news today that Adelaide have released Shennqing Qu, who was sensational in season 1, but faltered (mainly due to injury, and some ill-discipline) in season 2. Would Frank gamble on another Chinese import, I wonder?

john said...

Thanks Dave
I don't believe he is foxing at all. He likes Jade North. A move from Jade up north has been talked about behind the scenes since Frank came on board. I am underwhelmed. The Courier-Mail ran the story of Frank trying to stop Jade going to play in China. I think they worked together at the Strikers and/or the Socceroos. Jade had a poor season last year. Gave away about 3 hand ball penalties - got sent off twice. Why would we need him? We need an Archie Thompson - I would have settled for a Sarkies or a Kemp or Greg Owens.

No way Frank will look to China. I understand he thought the Roar's foreigners were a joke and would not even give Wedau a go (sat he on the bench even though the team was out on its feet on one occasion).

Roar website is running a poll on whether they should focus on local players. Clearly they should not. The surplus new players are in Melbourne where there is only one team but could be 4 or 5.

Dave said...

I agree 100%. The Roar really need someone who can consistently stick the ball in the back of the net - or at least draw the odd penalty. This is the second season in a row when their top scorer has left the club (Brosque in 2006, Vidosic this year).

A quality striker is a priority - but they're not exactly thick on the ground at the moment. Archie Thompson would be ideal, but he's not available. Fred and Milton Rodriguez have left the country. Damian Mori might be an option again, but his age will be a big stumbling block. Of the others on offer from A-League teams none leap out as an obvious answer.

Interesting that the Roar have a one-off game scheduled with Supersport United of South Africa - not because of the game as such, but because Supersport have strong links with Feyenoord in Europe. I wonder if this is a step towards something bigger?