Saturday, October 30, 2010

Central Coast 5 v Perth 0

Perth need to try to make the most of Robbie Fowler, somehow.

Is there another way other than getting a new coach? Is it Frank Farina. He does seem to be able to get the most, at short notice, of these types of players.

Brisbane 1 v Sydney 1

How frustrating. Goal scoring is what the game is about. And it is the side of the game that the Roar have struggled with. But this game could have been Roar anything to Sydney's one chance. Sure Sydney pressed a bit in the second half, but they were outclassed.

Oh for an out and out goal scorer - but then what would we loose?

Missed open goals to Murdocca and McKay - wow Murdocca is geting high (on the park).

Will Reinaldo, Nichols and Solorzance all get a go together?

Sydney look a lot safer without Reddy.

Roar's defence can look like glass.

Who will pick up Jordan Farina?

Stuart MacLaren said of Jordan Farina:

“Jordan Farina is another player that David Large and I have known from our time with the QAS and he is a player I have a lot of time for. He is very powerful and very quick and can play a number of positions. He can go past people, score goals and do a defensive job too, and I am excited to have him in our squad."

He has the X factor. May be hard for the Roar to get him. Maybe Sydney or Fury.

Grandmaster Miron and the Furious Roar

The future of Queensland's A-League teams?

However, anyone else think that Miron has been really quiet this year - only real quote was that FFA may have to think about the future of Gold coast next season.

And Fury can not take a trick with FFA. I thought the Bosnich 'mic'ed' idea was a good. At least it would have showed something was happening for the fans. And I also think given that it it appears to have been... well it wasn't their fault they went to Newcastle - 2 plane trips there and back - for no game, Stuart Mac coaching this week at home would have been reasonable - for the fans.

How should the Roar re-build their reputation with Brisbane? It is not just about great football and winning. There is something intangible. A real demonstration that they know about and care about their fans.

And then there is Australia's Sporting Industrial Complex, including the media with its vested interests in NRL and AFL.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Mike Colman gets it mostly right..


Except he left out the role, or lack of it, of the local paper supporting the local team - even when they are the best in the league. Local journo seems to openly support the supporter less Gold Coast, why?

Victory take out Leckie...

First time backfired as Adelaide score from Muscat 'takeout' within 30 seconds.

The second 'takeout' on 20 minutes works a treat as Adelaide management left arguing on the sideline with Leckie off while Kruse scores.

Adelaide have a right back problem.

Muscat gets only his 2nd yellow of the season - wow.

1st half.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do the FFA survey

They are asking about:

- FFA cup - want it? who and when?
- season length and when (uses jargon - 'window') - too long? too short? after NRL/AFL?
- marquee players - effective? good enough?
- club customer service to fans and reaching out

And a range of other things.

But they don't allow you to click multiple boxes - like I go to matches with my son and my friends - but it only allowed me to say one or the other. And it didn't allow me to say the 'fan-made' ads are good but a shot in the foot because key stadiums will not allow fans to do some of the things that the ads say you can do.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Brisbane 2 v Victory 1 - Aim High (like water needs a flower)

Victory outplayed Brisbane at their game. Pushing high and playing a quick passing game.

The only negative for Melbourne is that their new no 9 has been found out as a diver. if he is not careful, sooner or later he will get a 2 week ban.

Brisbane had very few opportunities and rarely got into position where a shot was on. But the standout for was - Luke Devere 'playmaker'. Early in the second half he ran rings around about 4 Victory players. Then later he cut through the middle and an inch perfect tackle stopped his shot, providing Solorzance the opportunity to slam home.

If Victory had drawn this match or even won it (both outcomes could have been justified by the way they played), it would have been down to Muscat. He was brilliant. It was amazing how he could pull the shirt of a player (usually Reinaldo) or slam into their back in such a way that the ref saw no problem. It is a real skill.

There were about 30 travelling Victory fans who were very vocal at first and then when Kruse equalised out of nowhere (soft goal Roar) early in the second half. However, security and then the police made sure they were very quiet as the game rolled on.

Only about 9,000 tonight. It shows 2 things, how damaged the Roar brand was last year by tipping the club upside down, and how poor the game scheduling is this year. 7:45pm is too late. And the next home game is the 'top of the table' clash with Adelaide. Guess what time - 8:15pm. Rubbish. How are you going to get maximum kids to that? Most will not get home till well after 11pm. And in Adelaide the game will be on between 8:45 and 10:45 and elsewhere 9:15 and 11:15.

This is rubbish viewing time. Get the games back in prime time FFA.

Brisbane v Victory - revenge time?

Expect Victory to push high again.

Have Roar learnt their lessons - the subsequent games indicated that they had.

How will Muscat and Kruse go? Red cards or goals?

Adelaide FFA 3 v Wellington 0

It is wrong that the FFA have pump primed Adelaide's squad to facilitate a sale and then let them run rampent over the private funding in the A-League. I suppose it wasn't their fault that the original deal fell through and then another buyer could not be found.

Still who is going to investigate whether the Van Dijk and Flores deals led to breaches of the salary cap?

Maybe the plan was for Adelaide to do well in 2009-10 Asian Cup, giving the A-League a better profile.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A-League needs a new player contract system

Why should Fury fans be done over by other clubs that can't find players in their own backyards?

Use the US MLS system and have all players contracted centrally - one in all in.

And no trading of players unless both clubs and FFA agree.

Cernak process makes it look like FFA is writing off Fury. Poor decision making again.

Compare this to the way Adelaide has been pump-primed in a desperate attempt to find a buyer. Meanwhile the other owners suffer the consequence of an artificially strong Adelaide.

Next game - home v Victory 7:45 kick off

Brisbane 2 v Central Coast 0 - Come on let's go!

Watch out Melbourne Victory, you beat us 3-0. We want that back. We are after Adelaide. How could they afford van Dijk?

Ange has proved his point. Now the Brisbane press need to get behind the team.

ABC 612 did this morning.

A team this good needs local support.

Come on let's go.

What about the cleverness of Broich? The screamer from Ivan Franjic?

But mid week your competing against Paul Weller - well well well, things are really hotting up now.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brisbane 1 v Newcastle 1

This is always a tough match up. And for this season, it exposed Brisbane's weakness - just like in the Victory match - they find it difficult when teams match their passing style and press high. Newcastle did this in the first part of the first half and forced an own goal.

Newcastle wanted a point - so they defended for the rest of the game. If they had kept pressing there may have been an upset.

Having said that, Brisbane did play brilliantly in the middle third and most of the final third with the exception of actually scoring.

Fans throughout the Roar's history will be familiar with the stats from the game of 72% possession and 22 shots to 4 and then not winning. At least in this game they drew. But there was something different. One more piece of magic and this was going to be 4-1.

Pity about Wednesday games. And pity it will be Central Coast. You want teams like this to fully recover and go again.

Plus the A-League needs teams like this watched in prime time, not hidden on a Wednesday.

Victory 3 v Sydney 0 - Will Sydney look to Frank Farina?

The inability to build a team that can win games, irrespective of winning last year, may now lead to a coaching change at Sydney FC. Sometimes changing the coach just gives that catalyst.

Vítězslav Lavička has a fear of heights and committed to climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge if Sydney beat Melbourne for its first win of the season. This psychology was all wrong. He should have committed to climbing the bridge if they lost. That would have got his motivation and blood pressure going... Maybe he really didn't want to make that climb?

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Glory Chase Fred

See story in 442 Australia online.

I think Fred should only play in Australia for the Victory. There are plenty of foreign players out there Perth should go find one.

Australian players team hoping is one thing. Foreign players team hoping is unacceptable to fans. Stamp it out FFA.

Fred's Wellington stint showed how poor value his move back to the A-League was.

Glory - give your fans their own heroes.

To-date, he has proved his case...

From today's Courier Mail:

"My point back then was don't judge my decisions on that time and place - the judgment in those decisions would come further down the track," Postecoglou said. "I wanted players who wanted to win things and wanted to progress their careers, not just a player who was looking for another payday or an increase in their salary as a motivation to move."

Friday, October 15, 2010

NQ Fury 2 v Perth Glory 1

Fury were by far the better team. And Straka is by far the better coach.

If Perth were getting rid of Mitchell, why didn't they go the whole way and exit Ferguson too? Clearly Glory need new thinking, the A-League has moved way on from their kick the ball, kick the opponent style. Why is Jacob Burns see as Socceroo potential?

The linesman didn't know what he was doing with offside. A fairer score, just on correct offside calls would have been 4-0 to Fury.

And if Straka is going to be banned for touching a ref, why wouldn't Michael Baird be? Baird can be seen making the same level of contact on the ref when he got his yellow card.

Fury is a team we need in the A-League. It would be very unfair if Glory got to buy Hughes and others from Fury cheap to try and patch up what is a poor history of bad coaching for Perth.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reducing foreign players from 5 to 4 next season...

Late start - obvious.

FFA Cup with State Leagues - great move.

Late finish and maintaining 3 match-ups - very poor move.

Reducing foreign players from 5 to 4 - not sure about this one. Could signal reduction in teams to 10 and therefore increased local players. If 11 or 12 teams go forward, better to limit Wellington to 5 foreign players and free up Australian players that way. Unfortunately, foreign players are among fan favourites. And there is less likely to be what Fox is looking for in Asian players - and what about Asian Cup qualifiers looking to boost their teams...

Sydney Morning Herald:

The FFA has also heeded the advice of technical director Han Berger by reducing the number of A-League import spots from five to four for next season. Berger has been an outspoken critic of the number of sub-par foreigners in the competition, arguing their selection is hindering opportunities for local youngsters.'

The reality is that more foreign players will get Australian citizenship. These football people just see the A-League as a feedlot for possible Socceroos. They seem to care little for fans. And that is the problem.

FFA, please start making decisions based on thorough market analysis by segment.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brisbane v Newcastle - Saturday 7:45pm

Last chance to see? Well no. But this season has proved that 'quality football' isn't the driving force for crowds.

Results football may well be important. And the Roar lacked results for 5 years.

Now they could be on the verge of something different. A emphatic result against the 'born-again' Newcastle could be the sign that Brisbane really are the team to beat.

And under 15s in for free, quite an investment where there is a charge to the club for transport - ask Clive Palmer.

Worth a look I think.

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Fury provide a strange response to promoting the game in NQ

Stuart McLaren is one of the most articulate and effective promoters of the A-League.

He has done a great job creating interest for the Fury. He is the only member of any of the Queensland teams' coaching staff that I have heard on Brisbane radio.

The Fury, owned and run by the FFA, have banned him speaking to the media for 2010-11. This is incredibly short sighted and is shooting the team in the foot. Poor move.

Read it here.

Perhaps it is an attempt to protect Coach Straka?

At this level, McLaren's actions were to protect the reputation of Fury in the NQ market. Let's hope that the Fury's actions don't damage fans' interest in the team. But perhaps the bigger picture is sacrificing McLaren ('here punish this guy but let the popular coach go') to protect new local hero Straka.

Friday, October 08, 2010

Heart 2 v Victory 1

Deserved win for dominant Heart.

Two questions.

Where has this form been - particularly Worm.

How did Muscat stay on the pitch. Only one yellow for him - fits, elbows, in box hand balls - ignored.

Heart were down to 10 with a two card red, then 9 when Worm got cramp.

Great goal from Aloisi.

Heart did everything in first half but Muscat/Kruse pulled one back for 1-1 at half time.

Great entertainment, 26,000 crowd - should have been 40,000.

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

It seems a shame...

The Brisbane Roar can't get media coverage in their home town. Well there is a bit - maybe a small story every second day, but nothing like the focus on Gold Coast United. Just why is not clear.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Perth 1 v Brisbane 2 - Mitch emerges - Man of Match with 30 Minute performance that turned the game

The headlines are 'Roar edge Glory late' but in the second half Perth hardly saw the ball. The official stat says the Roar had 54%, in the second half they may have had 80%. So much for must win for Perth. Brisbane should have had another 6, or at least 6. They actually scored 3 legal goals, but poor assistant referring robbed Mitch Nichols of a fair goal, and for some reason he was given a yellow card too. The replay showed he was onside by about two meters.

For a match in which Perth's strategy was 'kick it long' or 'kick them' - the card count is all wrong (Perth 18 fouls to Brisbane 10). Ref Ben Williams only gave out 3 cards - the 2 to Brisbane were clearly wrong - the goal to Mitch and for a 'dive' to Paartalu and yet the replay showed he was fouled.

If 2 weeks ago Brisbane were too predictably short passing, here Perth's myopic 'biff' strategy was found out. So much talent - just wasted. Including the speedy, youth team contractor, Ryan Pearson. Fowler couldn't get near the ball.

Crowd - 9,700.

CCM 3 v NQ Fury 2 - pity about the ref

This year the standard of play has reached a new hight. And a whole series of new refs have been used by FFA. Some, including the guy for this match, making comical errors of judgement.

And it looks like Fury - a team that must survive if the A-League is to in its current format and to help the Socceroos in Asia - are going to pay the price. Read here.

The Fury have as strong a fan base as any team bar the Victory and possibly Perth. They bring something different that adds to other teams performances. Look at CCM, the Fury really forced them to lift and entertain a crowd that had turned out in the cold and wet.

The A-League is about entertainment - not some complex idea about development of players and refs.

Time is running out for the FFA to get this.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Gold Coast 3 v Wellington 1

Wellington will be dirty. They had a fair goal disallowed. But if that one goes in they probably don't get the penalty.

Jason Culina was amazing. His energy won this game for Gold Coast. It is also amazing that Gold Coast could win over Bruce Djite (2 great great tonight including a back heel) just as they lost Shame Smeltz.

Just as amazing is Wellington's ability to pick Australians at the expense of their locals. Jade North appears not to be the answer in their defence, where'd he go? And then Olyroo Mirian Pavlovic is their youth contributor. Will Wellington pay the price for not giving fair game time to Kosta Barbarouses? Other teams seem to be able to regularly pick and play an emerging local talent, why not Wellington? Did Kosta fall out with Herbert?

Where was Manny Muscat's card?

Who decides what is entertainment?

The last person to decide to buy or ticket or watch on TV, that allows the game to be viable, decides what is entertainment.

Neither the overall model, nor the stadiums are viable at the moment. we need to find a way to get costs down or get more fans in. That last person who says 'I'll go' decides.

Entertainment part 57

I laughed. But it wasn't that funny. After 2,000 people turned up to watch Gold Coast, Jason Culina said 'we need more teams (he was referring to Sydney Rovers) so we have more games like in Europe.'

No we don't. We need more teams so we can 1. more back to playings teams twice instead (of what fans see as boring) three times, and 2. create some interest by having more differentiation in the league.

What we don't want is all teams playing the same way.